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·Electric Power equipment
·Auto Parts
·Tools/Agricultural Implements
·Rubber belt
·House Ware
·Art and Crafts
·Sports/Outdoor, Stationery
·Caravan parts
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Machinery for Packing Packing machine | Liquid filling machine | Other machiney releting to Packing |
Dairy Produsts equipment Condensed Milk equipment| Liquid Milk equipment|
Equipment for water treatment Water treatment equipment for house-hold | Water treatment equipment for lommunity | Water treatment equipment for iudustry |
Machine tool lathe| hand punch machine and bench press| drill press and bench drilling machine| milling machine| drilling and milling machine| press machine| other machines|
Electric machine electric motor | coating machine |
Pharmaceutical machinery capsule filling machine| fluid-bed dryer granulator| automatic multiple-function liquid conbined washing ,filling and capping| tablet press machine| others|
Valves brass ball and gate valves and fittings | cast iron floor drainer | flexible s.s.hose,brass |
Pumps submersible pump| other series pumps|
Welding equipment cuuting torch | welding torch | welding & cutting nozzle | electric welding machine | electrode holder |
Cutting machine circular saw| marble cutter| mitersaw| electric router| cut-off machine| electric drill| impact drill| angle grinder|
Conductor copperlating steel wire | silvering steel wire | mobile milking plant |
Air conpressor
Fitting Carbon steel | Stainless steel fitting | Flange |
Electric Power equipment
Electric Power generating equipment Boiler | Steam tubine | Generater |
Electric Power distributing equipment
Electric power transmission equipment Steal tower | Fittings | Insulators |
Equipment for Electric Power Sub-Station Transformer| Switchgear| Capacitor| PT.CT|
High/Low voltage Equipment Breaker | Others |
Electrical outlet
Magnetism material Alnico|
Auto Parts
Auto Accessories Stator | Rotor | Seals | Armrest | Auti-thief car lock | Other auto accessories |
Bodywork Tools Jack| Tractor| Type service kit| Booster cable| Wrench| Ohers|
Car Electrical equipment Air pump | Jump start | Hair dryer | Fan heater | Car cool/hot box | Vacuum cleaner | Insect killer | Transformer | Fan | Others |
Car Accessories
Tools/Agricultural Implements
Measuring Tools Rule | Angle level | Marking level | Caliper | Line instrument | Angle machine | Detector | Counter | Tripod | Ohers |
Hand tools Hammers| Pliers| Saws| knife| Scraper| Ohers|
Tool set
Hardware Inserting vibrator| Take-up| Rachet strap| Gallus| Packing strips| Brick trowe| Hooks| Chain|
Rubber belt
Ribbed Belt
Timing Belt
Conveyor Belt
Decoration lamps Normal Christmas lights | Microbulb Christmas lights | Neon lamp | LED lights | Fog machine | Solar lamp | Flash magic lamp | Lava lamp |
Other lamps Waterproof bulb| Emergency lamp| Nomal lamp|
House Ware
Home appliances Charger | Flashlight | Electric iron | Ironing board | Mini home appliances | Others |
Furniture Chair| Table| Screen| Storage bag|
Kitchenware Kitchen timer |
Daily necessities Vacuum flask| Water bottle|
Bamboo placemat&cup mat Bamboo placemat | Bamboo mat | Bamboo blind | Others |
Canvas with wooden rack
Laundry basket
Fabrics Cotton fabrics | Cotton doplin | Drill cotton | Denim | Linen | Polyester | Wool | Polyester/cotton | Canvas wooden rack |
Home textiles Sofa fabric cushion| Sofa fabric placemat| Chenille fabric cushion| Mattress cushion| Kitchen textiles| Blanket| Printing series| Plain color series| Others|
Suitcasebags Cloth bags | Shopping bags | Jeans bags | Others |
Kids garment
Women Women| Women| Skirt| Women|
Men Men | Men | Men |
Art and Crafts
jewellery Metal lantern | Metal candle holder | Others |
Plastic items PVC stationery| PVC vase| PVC box| PVC placemat & cupmat| PVC bag| PVC photo frane| PVC folding box| PVC fruit pot| PVC flower pot| Others|
Sports/Outdoor, Stationery
PC accessories USB LED light | USB fan | Others |
Outdoor wares Picnic backpack| Picnic rug| Tripod stool| Cool bag| Vacuum falsk| Outdoor chairs| Folding picnic table| Tent| Inflater| Cooler| Metal fire basket| Others|
Caravan parts
Caravan accessories
Outdoor & Camping supplies