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·Complete Plant
·Electric Power equipment
·Auto Parts
·Tools/Agricultural Implements
·Rubber belt
·House Ware
·Art and Crafts
·Sports/Outdoor, Stationery
·Caravan parts
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Complete Plant & Engineering Dept.
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Complete Plant
Complete Cement Plant
Engineering and Construction machineries
Ships and Vessels
International Tender Project
Machinery and Equipment for Sugar Refinery Plant
Electric Power transmission equipment
Eqipment for Swimming pool
Equiment & Pipe accessories for chemical industry
Machinery for Packing Packing machine | Liquid filling machine | Other machiney releting to Packing |
Dairy Produsts equipment Condensed Milk equipment| Liquid Milk equipment|
Equipment for water treatment Water treatment equipment for house-hold | Water treatment equipment for lommunity | Water treatment equipment for iudustry |
Machine tool lathe| hand punch machine and bench press| drill press and bench drilling machine| milling machine| drilling and milling machine| press machine| other machines|
Electric machine electric motor | coating machine |
Pharmaceutical machinery capsule filling machine| fluid-bed dryer granulator| automatic multiple-function liquid conbined washing ,filling and capping| tablet press machine| others|
Valves brass ball and gate valves and fittings | cast iron floor drainer | flexible s.s.hose,brass |
Pumps submersible pump| other series pumps|
Welding equipment cuuting torch | welding torch | welding & cutting nozzle | electric welding machine | electrode holder |
Cutting machine circular saw| marble cutter| mitersaw| electric router| cut-off machine| electric drill| impact drill| angle grinder|
Conductor copperlating steel wire | silvering steel wire | mobile milking plant |
Air conpressor
Fitting Carbon steel | Stainless steel fitting | Flange |
Electric Power equipment
Electric Power generating equipment Boiler | Steam tubine | Generater |
Electric Power distributing equipment
Electric power transmission equipment Steal tower | Fittings | Insulators |
Equipment for Electric Power Sub-Station Transformer| Switchgear| Capacitor| PT.CT|
High/Low voltage Equipment Breaker | Others |
Electrical outlet
Magnetism material Alnico|
Auto Parts
Auto Accessories Stator | Rotor | Seals | Armrest | Auti-thief car lock | Other auto accessories |
Bodywork Tools Jack| Tractor| Type service kit| Booster cable| Wrench| Ohers|
Car Electrical equipment Air pump | Jump start | Hair dryer | Fan heater | Car cool/hot box | Vacuum cleaner | Insect killer | Transformer | Fan | Others |
Car Accessories
Tools/Agricultural Implements
Measuring Tools Rule | Angle level | Marking level | Caliper | Line instrument | Angle machine | Detector | Counter | Tripod | Ohers |
Hand tools Hammers| Pliers| Saws| knife| Scraper| Ohers|
Tool set
Hardware Inserting vibrator| Take-up| Rachet strap| Gallus| Packing strips| Brick trowe| Hooks| Chain|
Rubber belt
Ribbed Belt
Timing Belt
Conveyor Belt
Decoration lamps Normal Christmas lights | Microbulb Christmas lights | Neon lamp | LED lights | Fog machine | Solar lamp | Flash magic lamp | Lava lamp |
Other lamps Waterproof bulb| Emergency lamp| Nomal lamp|
House Ware
Home appliances Charger | Flashlight | Electric iron | Ironing board | Mini home appliances | Others |
Furniture Chair| Table| Screen| Storage bag|
Kitchenware Kitchen timer |
Daily necessities Vacuum flask| Water bottle|
Bamboo placemat&cup mat Bamboo placemat | Bamboo mat | Bamboo blind | Others |
Canvas with wooden rack
Laundry basket
Fabrics Cotton fabrics | Cotton doplin | Drill cotton | Denim | Linen | Polyester | Wool | Polyester/cotton | Canvas wooden rack |
Home textiles Sofa fabric cushion| Sofa fabric placemat| Chenille fabric cushion| Mattress cushion| Kitchen textiles| Blanket| Printing series| Plain color series| Others|
Suitcasebags Cloth bags | Shopping bags | Jeans bags | Others |
Kids garment
Women Women| Women| Skirt| Women|
Men Men | Men | Men |
Art and Crafts
jewellery Metal lantern | Metal candle holder | Others |
Plastic items PVC stationery| PVC vase| PVC box| PVC placemat & cupmat| PVC bag| PVC photo frane| PVC folding box| PVC fruit pot| PVC flower pot| Others|
Sports/Outdoor, Stationery
PC accessories USB LED light | USB fan | Others |
Outdoor wares Picnic backpack| Picnic rug| Tripod stool| Cool bag| Vacuum falsk| Outdoor chairs| Folding picnic table| Tent| Inflater| Cooler| Metal fire basket| Others|
Caravan parts
Caravan accessories
Outdoor & Camping supplies